Smarter Asks Questions: Does a multifunctional vitamin really have everything you need?

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So, what's the deal with taking a multifunctional vitamin? Can your supplement to good health really be found all in one delicious gummy? We paired up with “New Girl” star Hannah Simone to find out.

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It might sound kinda crazy for a natural health and supplement manufacturer to be questioning their own products. But we’re not like other companies!

Smarter Asks Questions

At SmartyPants, we’re all about the smarter way to healthier. And that means, well, being smart about everything we do - from the science behind our formulations to how we select only the most premium ingredients. That’s why we’re not afraid to question our own products and methods and share that experience with those we care about most, you! So, we launched Smarter Asks Questions as our way of tackling some of the toughest questions we get from customers and letting everyone in on our findings. Because we think peace of mind is a big part of being healthy and happy.

We've Got Answers

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