Amazing New Product at Walgreens

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SmartyPants Vitamins Walgreens It's SmartyPants.  Duh. We are proud to announce that Walgreens and SmartyPants have joined forces to bring better health to consumers across America.  SmartyPants Kids Complete and Smartypants Adult Complete bottles can now be found in all Walgreens stores, and the Kids Fiber Complete and Adult Complete + Fiber can be found in 2000 select stores.  Better yet, all SmartyPants offerings in Walgreens will be the first Non-GMO SmartyPants products available - anywhere.  Look for our special Walgreens labels (pictured above). To find a Walgreens store near you, check our Store Locator. Shared Missions and Visions When you read more about the history of Walgreens and Smartypants, it's clear that both share a mission to bring better health to all. Courtney and Gordon, co-CEOs of SmartyPants, found the never-ending array of vitamins and required research in the supplement market overwhelming and confusing. Their mission has been to help adults and kids alike get the nutrition they need in top-notch and tasty vitamins, to promote optimal wellness and to help young bodies and brains grow. And in 1901, on a quest to offer the highest quality pharmaceutical compounds and outstanding value to customers, Charles Walgreen, Sr. opened a 50 by 20 foot store in a hotel in Chicago. Walgreen's belief in superb customer service led him to begin the "two-minute drill."  During the two minutes it took Walgreen to take a phone order (drawn out by genuine and friendly conversation, of course), Walgreen's assistant would prepare and deliver the order, leaving the customer astounded when they'd have to excuse themselves from the phone call with Walgreen for a minute, only to find their order delivered before they even hung up! Today, with 425 new stores opening each year and over 7,000 stores opened nationwide, Walgreens continues to innovate, always keeping the customer top of mind. Social Responsibility at Walgreens and SmartyPants Both SmartyPants and Walgreens are committed to giving back.  SmartyPants has a mission to help 1,000,000 kids get the nutrients they need in 5 years.  And with your help, we have already reached over 500,000 at risk children through our partnership with Vitamin Angels.  For every bottle you buy, we make a 1-for-1 matching nutrient grant to kids and expecting mothers both in the US and abroad, so they can get the nutrients they need to grow and live healthy lives. Following suit, Walgreens has announced that 1% of retail sales from supplement purchases, including SmartyPants Vitamins, made between 5/23/2014 and 12/31/2017 will go to Vitamin Angels.  With this contribution, Walgreens aims to reach a staggering 100 million children by 2017.  And with your help, they'll do it. Walgreens is no stranger to social responsibility.  In 2009, they paired up with AARP to launch a wellness tour in 2009, where they offered free health screening services in more than 3,000 local communities nationwide.  They also launched their "Way to Well" campaign in 2011, a program to donate $100 million in preventive resources by January 2015, and they will be offering many free health screenings and services and education to people in many communities, aiming for prevention.  Walgreens also offers a safe medication disposal program, teaches free CPR and basic first aid during "Save a Life Saturdays", and offers healthy and sustainable products in their stores.  Many employees also donate their time to educate, tutor and mentor inner-city children in the Chicago area. You can visit our Store Locator to find a nearby Walgreens carrying SmartyPants, or you can check the store locator on  To celebrate our new partnership with Walgreens, we are offering a special discount - buy one bottle of non-GMO SmartyPants at Walgreens and get the 2nd bottle 50% off.    


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